Package Deals:

The traditional slab on ground, brick vineer
package deal

The house and land package deal is a very popular and a simple way to buy a house. That is, if the block is flat. Sloping site package deals are almost non existent.

Regular small and large slab on ground builders don’t build pole homes, so they don't buy sloping sites, they don't know what to do with them. Developers don’t put packages deals together on their sloping sites because they really can't be bothered tracking down the specialist pole home builder required, let alone come up with a construction price.

Hobie 2

The pole home house / land
package deals

First you need to come up with a budget from you bank, building society, credit union, what ever to determine how much they will lend you all up for the package.

Then it's just a matter of putting together a package deal yourself, it's not that hard.

Find a suitable sloping site in your local area. Contact us with the site details and your construction budget and we'll help you design the house, find a builder and put together a building contract for your bank.

Obviously if the land is 280K and your budget is $500 you only have $240 left for construction. That 240K will need to include site works (excavation, concrete driveway, entry stairs, etc).

Once your lending authority approves the package deal figures, you sign 2 contracts. There’s a contract to buy the land through the estate agent and another contract to build the house, with the builder.
The lending authority secures the land for you first and then pays the builder progress payments as the builder completes the various construction stages