We have at present 9 basic designs to choose from with roughly 10,000 variations to each one.

Just click on one of the rough sketches and a coloured flyer will appear with detailed information.

In 35 years we have not built one of these designs, as standard. EEvery person is different and everyone wants something unique. It’s best to use these floor plans as a rough template, to start the design process. Everybody makes changes. Rooms can be added or made larger and wider decking added. Larger windows adopted to take advantage of the views. We can turn a normal pitched roof into a rounded one, put skylights into a roof that normally doesn’t have any. Clients can even swop certain design features from one design to another… no problem.

As we said in the sloping site section, but it’s worth repeating. Because of the views the entire design must revolve around taking advantage of these views with as many habitable rooms as possible. Living, family, dining and kitchens are the priority rooms, but if we can position a few bedrooms onto the views, so much the better.

We take open plan living, to the extreme. Large covered deck areas are essential and ideal for barbeque as they are usually the entertainment centre of the house, especially if they’re close to the kitchen and dining areas. Privacy is another important factor. You tend to be higher out of the ground than other residents to start with, plus the house is usually elevated up another 2.5M above that. Building above ground level allows natural breezes to flow under the house and makes for a cooler environment.

Building on the natural contours of the land means less impact on the site as excavation is kept to a minimum. This also eliminates the need for ugly and expensive retaining walls. The degree of slope of the site helps us determine whether we opt for a: Reverse, Flat, Single split or 2 split level configuration. Illustrated are the 4 side elevation drawings of the Dillon design positioned on various degrees of slope: gradual, moderate, steep and very steep slopes.

The presentation or appearance of the house

“You only get one chance, at a first impression." So we include a black and white 3D sketch drawing of your home on your actual site, so you don’t have to guess what the house is going to look like, when it’s finished.

4 Side Elevations

Room to extend

Only minor excavation is required underneath a section of the house which leaves an area for a double carport or garage plus an additional area that can be screened with a variety of materials. This area can also be permanently built in during construction or built in later to include more bedrooms, rumpus, office, work shop or even a granny flat. We have included some granny flat floor plan suggestions which may appeal to home owners who want to rent the lower section for additional income. It could also be used as a separate accommodation for relatives. An alternative would be for the builder to leave the underside of the house open for the owner to build in later.

Granny Plan 1 Granny flat plans Granny Plan 2