Analysing your site:

There are many, many details that we will need to know about you, and your site. However, all we need is a 15 minute phone conversation to establish how we can help.

People buy sloping sites because of the views, they’re looking for something different and the fact that sloping sites are are usually cheaper. Usually the steeper the cheaper. However most buyers are put off because they can’t get answers to the following:

  1. How do I build on the site?
  2. Who’s going to design it?
  3. Who’s going to build it?
  4. What’s it going to look like?
  5. How much is it all going to cost?

Map of Australia

Roscher have 2 individual services.

Design & construction service

We design and construct homes in 5 designated areas: Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Most importantly and from the very start, we know the exact base price of all our designs in these 5 particular areas.
We obtain contour plans of the block, conduct site inspections, meetings, exchange emails, phone calls and collect information of clients blocks and carry out site inspections.
We can then supply an accurate quotation for construction, made up from the basic house price, your particular design requirements and your particular site costs. We can also show buyers homes we have completed in the past or homes we have under construction.
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Design only service

This service is for clients wanting to build in other parts of Australia. We can supply HIA qualified builders who are experienced in sloping site construction and keen to construct our designs in most areas throughout Australia.
After obtaining contour plans of the block from clients, we exchange emails, phone calls and collect information on their sites and arrange for the appointed local builder to carry out a site inspection.

At this stage the local builder in your area will not have a base price on the house you are considering. However, an estimate can be made based on our local pricing. After the plans have been completed the local builder can then supply an accurate quotation for construction. Including all site works.

Driveway, carport or garage design

One of the most critical factors in designing a house on a sloping site is car access and car accommodation. It’s not much use having a beautifully designed house if there’s nowhere to put your vehicles. Driveway, carport or garage costs will always cut into your overall construction budget.

Land sloping upwards from the roadway

Vehicle access to the carport would be straight up off the road and onto a flat excavated area under the house. Stairs would usually go from the levelled concreted carport pad up to the house deck or onto a separate entry landing. The living room floor therefore becomes the carport roof. (Very economical).


Land sloping with the roadway

A flattened area would be excavated under a section of the house. It’s then an easy matter to simply drive off the roadway and under the side of the house.


Land sloping downwards from the roadway


There are a number of options for building a carport on the low side of the roadway.
The house would be positioned down the site a little to allow for a freestanding carport or garage to be positioned close to the front boundary.


For a very steep site a suspended timber vehicle platform. (Quite expensive) would need to be built.


On a steep site a cheaper concrete slab could be supported on a boulder wall.


On a gradual slope the cheaper option would be to simply excavate a flat pad into the natural ground contours. It’s called cut and fill. Cut on the high side and fill on the low side.

For all the above 3 options, the costs of the carport roof would need to be added


The cheapest option by far would be to run a driveway down the side and under the house. (The living room floor also becomes the carport roof. (Very economical) But you’ll a need fairly wide block and a longer driveway.


In all the above cases, we would include a short entry hallway through the middle of the actual house. This entry hall way can be easily incorporated into any of our designs.


We generally design a roofed portico over the entry way

We analyse the slope of the site from your contour plan and photographs you supply.
We take into consideration the local council requirements; boundary setbacks, developers covenants and discuss the merits of each one of our designs and the changes you may want to make. Then we supply rough concept floor plans of the house including all the alterations you have requested together with your site plan with the driveway and house positions.
Once you’re happy with the above we require $3 250 to prepare Cad architectural work drawings which will include Site plans, Floor plans, 4 elevations, Section plan, Ground level plan and a 3D prospective drawing which will illustrate how the house will look on the site, when completed. These detailed plans will be ready for council approval.

For clients in the 5 designated areas: The pricing of the house will already be established and arrangement will be made by the builder and the lending authority to present the plans to council for construction approval.
For other clients in other areas in Australia: The completed architectural plans will enable us to obtain an accurate construction pricing from the builder in your local area.